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Welcome to the PR-3

“Puerto Rico: Recover, Rebuild and Relaunch” Campaign

On September 6th, Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm, hit Puerto Rico with a glancing blow, taking out power in virtually the entire island.   Just 14 days later on September 20th, Puerto Rico was struck head on by another Category 5 Hurricane, María, which entered Puerto Rico on the southeastern coast. The result was devastating.  Overall damage is estimated to be in excess of $95 billion!

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The challenges in the aftermath of the storm have been enormous

About Our Campaign

The “Puerto Rico: Recover, Rebuild and Relaunch” Campaign involves 4 not for profit organizations which sponsor and run over multiple programs in all corners of Puerto Rico, for men and women, boys and girls, old and young.  These programs provide social and community service through educational, cultural, and formative programs which touch the lives of thousands of Puerto Ricans every year. Like all other programs in Puerto Rico these entities suffered extensive damages.  In addition, the local base of donors, who normally contribute the brunt of the resources to operate our programs were also highly impacted by the storm and its aftermath, leaving them without resources to give the assistance they normally provide.

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Summary of Programs

Treat Others as You’d Like to Be Treated. Be well rounded individuals

  • University Residences (5)

  • Leadership Clubs (10)

  • Schools (2)

  • Family Education Groups (2)

  • Solidarity groups (over 300 involved in different projects)

  • Projects for youth training and personal skills (10)

  • Summer Camps (2)

  • Retreats (20 a year)

  • Conferences of current social issues (260 participants a year)

  • People who are reached (8,500)

  • Impacted municipalities of Puerto Rico (90%)

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Campaign Goals

Helping Others

To raise the necessary funds to repair the damages, and continue to improve the activities; helping even more people than was done before.

Programs' Values

To Serve Others

  • Good job

  • Friendship

  • Responsibility

  • Fellowship

  • Solidarity

  • Social conscience

  • Family life

  • Leadership

  • Exemplary

  • Gratefulness

  • Humility

  • Unselfishness

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